How do businesses actually use intellectual property?

Have you ever noticed, when thinking about how to improve on the use of intellectual property in your business, there’s a real lack of case studies of how other businesses have done it?

There seems to be a lot of information out there about what a patent or trade mark is, or scary stories about patent trolls, but no actual stories on how businesses use IP – especially as a small business or start up. Do they find it hard to get information? Do they protect their ideas?

Occasionally, you get a profile piece from a law firm, saying Company X had a cool new idea, so they came to Lawyer Y and they were great! But, I want to yell, “what did they actually do?!”

So, I enlisted the help of Emily who is a start up enthusiast, co-founder and editor at Hvngry magazine, among other things. Together we started a project to interview startups and interesting businesses in Wellington to find out how they use intellectual property in their business.

We also asked them other nosy questions we wanted to know such as “Where did you get investment from?”, “Have you done anything wrong with IP you had to fix?”, “What advice would you give?”.

Our Real-life IP profile series starts tomorrow.

Articles in the Real-life IP series: